Strengthen your healthy self with essential oils

Your powerful self-care tool in recovery

Strengthen your healthy self with essential oils

You want to finally let go of your eating disorder and live a fulfilled life with a lot of joy and self-confidence in harmony with your body?
Are you tired of fighting against yourself every day?
You don’t feel like giving up anymore and want to escape the cycle of binge eating and subsequent compensation through sports, vomiting or other self-damaging behaviors.

Having suffered from an eating disorder for over twenty years myself, I know how hard it is when you are fighting yourself, your feelings, fears and the physical side effects all the time. I know all too well the constant circles of thought around eating, not eating, calorie counting, exercising and the associated feelings of fear, loneliness, insecurity and self-loathing because they have dominated my life so much that I didn’t even think a way out of it was possible.
This constant struggle is incredibly exhausting, tiring and frustrating.

But imagine if you could learn to make peace with yourself, your body, and your eating behaviors again and find access to your intuition and your true needs – without having to fear dealing with your feelings.

You may already be aware that your eating disorder is about so much more than just eating. It’s about the underlying issues that often run very deep. And even if essential oils can’t resolve your deeper issues, they can support you on your journey and be a wonderful complement to professional guidance.
For me, they have been one of the most important self-care tools on my journey out of my eating disorder. Through them, I have been given a powerful tool to actively help myself and take back control of my life in a healthy way.

Hi, I'm Romy, your companion out of the eating disorder.

“I support you on your journey out of the eating disorder and accompany you in your new life towards freedom, full of enjoyment of life, self-love and lightness.”

Why do I recommend you actively use essential oils on your journey out of eating disorders?

1 They are an incredibly powerful self-care tool that you can keep handy with you at all times.

2 Whether you’re struggling with the emotional burdens of recovery such as your body image, self-esteem, or fears (e.g., of your Fear Foods), or suffering from the physical side effects of the eating disorder such as water retention, bloating, constipation, a bloated belly, or a slowed metabolism: The oils can support you in an all-natural and effective way with these issues.

3 They allow you to regain access to your intuition, to better perceive your needs and thus to live in harmony with your body again.

To support you on your recovery in the best possible way, I have put together a kit with the 6 most important oils for the start of your healthy and fulfilled future with a lot of pleasure and ease.

Grapefruit is the body honoring oil that helps you better accept your body and accept yourself as you are when your body is at its healthiest. It is also the good mood booster in the kit.
Smart&Sassy is the oil of inner beauty and the metabolism blend. It stimulates your metabolism, regulates appetite and supports you especially in binge eating and body hatred.
ZenGest is the digestive blend. It helps you to relieve the physical symptoms of the eating disorder such as a bloated belly, bloating or abdominal cramps.
Bergamot is the oil of self-acceptance. It supports you to develop a healthy self-esteem and to get rid of the thought of being "not good enough".
Adaptive is the calming blend. The oil helps you let go of your fears, worries and strong desire for control and go into trust. 
Balance supports you in getting out of your head and knowing what you need to do and into action. Balance has a grounding effect and helps you get in touch with your true needs.
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